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  • Rising Star

    Every month
    For those Stars starting their wellness journey
    • Access to LIVE Monthly Munch and Learns
    • Access Holistic Tips and Pointers
    • Access to Exclusive FB Group Community
    • Access to Dr. L Blog
    • 10% Discount On Upcoming Events
  • Shooting Star

    Every month
    Moving Faster Toward Wellness Goals
    • Access to LIVE Monthly Munch & Learn
    • Blog Access
    • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group
    • Monthly LIVE Group Q&A (1 question per participant)
    • Holistic Wellness Tips and Pointers
  • Comet Class

    Every month
    Soaring Across the Wellness Cosmos!
    • Monthly LIVE Munch and Learn Webinars
    • Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions w/ Dr. L
    • Holistic Health Tips and Pointers
    • Blog Access
    • Monthly LIVE small group check-ins with Dr. L
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