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A Little About Me

I'm an educator, creator, bridge-builder and truth-teller. As a parent and spouse I value the role health and wellness of families plays in the creation of stronger, healthier communities. As native daughter of St. Louis, MO, I learned the importance of integrity and altruism in fostering lasting connections and breaking boundaries when necessary. I am alumnus of Xavier University of Louisiana and Texas Health and Science University, I completed her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. My work aims to empower through compassion while helping clients find ways to reach their fullest potential by way of commitment to Self, enlightenment and inspiring the community to own their wellness unapologetically.


“The healing process is NEVER pretty but it is always BEAUTIFUL.”


-Dr. L


What I offer

Developing curriculum that is relevant, comprehensive and equitable is my passion. Having created the inaugural Black History Month curriculum for J.A. Patton Elementary (Austin, TX) as well as developed multiple courses and workshops I pride myself on creating fun, interactive and impactful educational environments.

I love facilitating in person and virtually. Magic happens when minds are allowed to explore and learn in a group setting. My workshops are full of energy, insightful and interactive. Thinking beyond comfort zones is a

built-in mission in a effort to foster understanding, compassion and building community. 

I LOVE FOOD! Food is not only tasty and comforting, it's also our first line of medicine. My mission as a coach and consultant in is to demystify medical terminology, explain and explore benefits and risks of foods and supplements and to both empower and equip my clients with the tools to lead their healthiest lives from a holistic standpoint.

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